Troubling tweets penned by Donald Trump, Jr. Is it time to recognize ageism as a hate crime?

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President Biden’s first two months in office have been a resounding success. Or have they? The nation remains divided on the merits of the American Rescue Plan, border policy, and voting rights legislation pending in the House of Representatives. If you want to criticize Biden, there’s plenty of material available. So why not ignore all legitimate policy debates and seize on Biden’s age?

That’s a low blow, but is what else is to be expected from the ex-president’s namesake son, Donald Trump, Jr.? In a series of tweets focusing on the president’s recent stumbles while boarding Air Force One, Trump…

The Brand is Dead

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The pending defeat of Trump, accompanied by the blue wave of Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, evidences the Republican party’s death. While parties have suffered severe losses in the past, this time it’s real. The party doesn’t stand for anything good anymore. There is nothing left to rebuild. Those nostalgic for the old GOP will find the current one is different. It is rotten, racist, short-sighted, and shrinking.

Why the GOP Won’t Come Back

Last summer’s remarkable Black Lives Matters protests prove that civil rights are not just for African Americans and other minorities. Large contingents of whites, people previously mostly absent from such…

Two Presidents Will be Elected on November 3 if Biden Wins

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What is at stake in next month’s Presidential election? A lot, including the chance to select two Presidents at once. He has described himself as a “transition candidate.” In May, he did that referring to a promising future for Pete Buttigieg, but the comment could equally apply to his ultimate choice of a running mate.

Without his explicitly saying it, Biden is offering voters a two-for-one deal. Vote for him, and you get two Presidents, Biden and President-in-waiting Kamala Harris.

The Reality of Nominating a 77-Year-Old Nominee

Democrats have nominated a 77-year-old for President. That justifies taking a good look at Kamala Harris. If Biden wins the…

All Respect for the Orange Menace Has Left the Building

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Today anchor Savannah Guthrie repeatedly pounded President Trump during the hour-long NBC Town Hall Meeting on October 15. Among many zingers, she reminded the President that he was not somebody’s crazy uncle. She also called him a liar, responding to Trump’s claim that he did not know QAnon with “yes, you do.” When Trump said he couldn’t release his tax returns because he was under audit, Guthrie responded, “you’re not.”

Did Guthrie ambush Trump? Hardly. Today’s standard is for the media and the rest of us to dismiss Trump as a clown, buffoon, sociopath, liar, and narcissist. Even people that…

Russia and China are threatening world peace and there may be little we can do about it

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As if we did not have enough to worry about at home, Russia and China recently have taken actions that could be preludes to war. The Russians have moved two armies and three airborne formations to the border of Ukraine. China has been rapidly building up its military and recently flew a group of bombers over Taiwanese airspace. Should we be worried?

The answer is yes. Both countries appear to be testing the mettle of the Biden administration. Both are also well aware that the U.S. remains preoccupied with its internal crises, including the pandemic and widespread social unrest prompted…

Marjorie Taylor Greene disavows “leaks” of racist platform

Image of “Leaked” America First Caucus platform by J. Dean

On Friday, April 16, it looked like Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) had surfaced again. Reports surfaced that she was organizing an “America First Caucus” or “AFC” with a white Surpremeist agenda. A seven-page manifesto outlining the group's goals had been published, circulated to the offices of other House Republicans, and a couple of reliable right-wingers were reported to be on board. Among them were Paul Gosar (AZ)and Louis Gohmert (TX). Representative Matt Gaetz (FL) also announced he was joining.

Then a firestorm broke out. Mainstream Republicans, including Minority Leader McCarthy, Minority Whip Liz Cheney, and even Freedom Caucus members…

Narcissist presidents should be prohibited from their own “advance planning”

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Now that Donald Trump is out of office, should we assume that his TV viewing habits are harmless? If you watched the funeral of Prince Philip, you have to worry. The solemnity and ceremony of Prince Philip's services may give Trump some dangerous ideas. Congress should quickly pass a law to subject “advance directives” to review by an independent panel. In the case of Trump, that could spare America embarrassment and taxpayers a lot of money.

Should Trump lie in state at the U.S. Capitol?

At the top of the list is whether Trump should lie in state in the U.S. Capitol. Given the evidence that he incited the…

If the Court is expanded to 13 justices, America and progressives will come to regret it

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Two senior Democratic legislators, Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) and Representative Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), are about to introduce a bill to expand the Supreme Court to 13 Justices. The legislation is promoted as a response to Republicans preventing consideration of President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland in 2016 and to how they won the confirmation of three Trump appointees: Associate justices Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett. The argument is that the Republicans cheated and that expanding the court remedies that injustice.

There is little debate on whether Republicans “played dirty” with Supreme Court nominations while they were in power.

So far, the public and economists are comfortable with massive federal spending

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There is a lot of support for President Biden’s decision to “go big,” despite opposition by Republicans on Capitol Hill. In March, Congress passed the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus bill. Biden’s American Jobs Plan Act, now under consideration in Congress, has an estimated 10-year cost of $2.65 trillion. Both bills follow the first pandemic stimulus bill, The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), which had a cost of $2.2 trillion.

The president cannot be accused of not “going big.” The question is how big he has gone to date and how much bigger he plans to go…

How many more never got caught and are still at large?

Photo by U.S. Department of Justice — Public Domain, via Wikimedia

Few tears will be shed at this morning’s news that Bernie Madoff is dead at 82. Madoff stole more than $64 billion from investors through a Ponzi scheme from more than 4800 clients in a colorful Wall Street career. In 2009 he received a 150-year sentence.

The Madoff story is interesting but not worth repeating here. Distilled to the basics, greed on the part of investors, most of them already wealthy or in the investment business themselves, enabled Madoff’s scheme to succeed beyond his wildest expectations. Madoff’s apparent success led to more victims — or, perhaps better stated, led more…

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