Thank you for reading the piece. My claim that Trump won’t be back is based on a variety of factors, including his declining popularity, age, and health. The most important factor is the (rising) probability that Trump will be indicted.

The legality of indicting a former president is not a “legal gray area.” Service as president does not grant a former president immunity from prosecution. The absence of a percent of a president being indicted or convicted is irrelevant. There simply is no immunity granted to former presidents in the Constitution of the U.S. Code.

Please note that most historians believe Nixon would have been indicted had President Ford not pardoned him. I would also note that as I write this prosecutors are preparing indictments of Trump in New York, Georgia, and Washington.

Tax fraud would appear to be the easiest crime for which Trump could be prosecuted. I would politely suggest you review the New York Times article on Trump’s tax return. An indictment for state and federal tax fraud could be written on the facts in that article alone.



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