President Biden should have adopted a Goldendoodle. Major, the German Shepherd he rescued, bit a White House security officer and earned himself a relocation to Wilmington. Hopefully, the president will forgive Major and bring him back to Washington. But had he and Dr. Jill Biden adopted a doodle, the bitten victim would have been spared.

Doodles are smart, smiling, dogs. Biden would not have to worry about shedding on the rug in the oval office or on the sofas where visiting heads of state sit. Doodles also bark much less than any German Shepherd.

It is admirable that the president adopted a rescue, but Major never belonged in what is more of an office building than a home.

Let’s hope that Major and Champ, who accompanied him to Wilmington, get loving attention from whomever is watching the Biden home while the president is in Washington.

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