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Newspaper Screenshot by J. Dean

We won’t have Andrew Cuomo to kick around in few days. The allegations of 11 women, most of them state employees, did him in. He not-so-graciously resigned, still not admitting his guilt, and cast his resignation as some sort of public sacrifice. …

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Photo of a previous Biden Thanksgiving Meal at a Mansion by David Lienemann via Wikimedia

Joe Biden should not be impeached for traveling to Nantucket and staying at the home of a billionaire for Thanksgiving. He is not a plutocrat, he isn’t tone-deaf or indifferent to the suffering of families with not enough to eat, and he hasn’t forgotten his roots. …

“Trio of Frogs” © 2021 J. Dean

Photography, Nature, Power of Three

Three frogs are better than two.

For three months this summer, a colony of frogs occupied a drainpipe just behind my mailbox. Each afternoon, except during one particularly dry, hot spell, some of them would be waiting for me.

Patiently, the frogs would wait, ready to retreat to the safety of the drainpipe if I moved…

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Photo via Wikimedia

Despite Donald Trump having lost the State of Maryland in the 2020 elections by 33 percent of the vote, Daniel L. Cox, a state delegate from Frederick County, sought and received his endorsement. Trump gave it, telling us something about the intelligence of both of them.

Maryland will elect a…

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Photo by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia, modified by author

Why is America still reading about a treasonous, obviously sick ex-president? More than a year after losing the 2020 election, demand remains strong for anything about Trump, his family, and the collection of misfits and criminals with which he surrounded himself.

This writer is part of the problem. I have…

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